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We invest in exciting investment ideas for our clients. Diversification and tax efficiency is achieved through the use of low-cost certificates. Belvalor does not charge management fees on these certificates for clients.

Certificate – North American Growth Stocks

The American stock market offers a wide range of attractive growth stocks. However, these growth segments (unfortunately) are not available to the same extent and quality in Europe and in the rest of the world. We recommend that investments in the above mentioned segment are made on a longer term basis. Equity prices of emerging growth companies with great potential for earnings are subject to higher volatility and therefore individual investments are only recommended to a limited extent (diversification).Together with Bank Julius Bär and our research partner, the renowned U.S. securities company William Blair & Co., we are offering our customers an exclusive “actively managed investment certificate”. Belvalor AG bears responsibility for the composition of the portfolio.

Certificate – Covid Recovery Basket – Profit of 53%

As of November 16, 2021, we liquidated the certificate with a profit of +53%.

The “Covid crisis” has had a major impact on our lives and the economy. In the fall of 2020, we considered what we could do as investors with a constructive view to the future. We invested in companies that had suffered massive losses due to Covid, but had a strong market position. Our selection was based on the thesis that in a “normal” world the selected companies would return to their previous profitability level. In selecting the companies, we relied on the Belvalor quality criterias.

Equity prices reached the price targets we had set within 12 months, although we had originally assumed two to three years.

AMC on the North American Growth Stocks Basket

Factsheet 31.12.2023

Belvalor AG


AMC on a Recovery Basket

Factsheet 30.09.2021

Belvalor AG