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Investment Philosophy

Investment is our passion and our core competency.

Our independent investment style is based on a combination of the factors: quality, value, and timing.


Attractive well-managed business model is the core criterion


Market valuation is an important, additional success factor


Identifying the trend is a supplementary element in purchase/sale decisions

Quality is the core criterion of our investment decisions. We must be won over by the business model and management as well as its soundness. The companies we invest in must have the ability to cope and continue their development, even during difficult market phases.

Our quality requirements for the analysis and assessment of investments also include sustainability (ESG).

Alongside the operative development of the company, its valuation is an important additional success factor for the return on investment. We endeavor to invest in favorably valued securities and to use phases of overvaluation for selling.

We focus on transparent, cost-efficient, and liquid investments. We can draw upon a superb network for alternative investments. Our flexible organization makes it possible to seize opportunities in the market rapidly and unconventionally.


Quality is a decisive investment factor


Risks must be adequately compensated

Alternative Investments

A sensible supplement to traditional investments