Asset Management

We manage your assets on the basis of a mandate. After a thorough analysis of your overall wealth, we agree on an investment objective reflecting your risk appetite and tolerance as the basis for formulating your individual investment strategy. Our individual client portfolios primarily consist of equities and bonds from solid companies with attractive valuations. We manage mandates dynamically in line with our view of the markets, deploying hedging and return-enhancing instruments as appropriate.

You decide how often you want to discuss the performance of your portfolio.

Thanks to our expertise in equities, we can also offer mandates focusing exclusively on Swiss and European stocks.

Cost Structure

Belvalor AG prides itself on its highly transparent reporting. We disclose all the costs. These are the only remuneration Belvalor receives; trailer fees from outside providers are passed on to our clients. For cost reasons we favor direct investments in equities and bonds.

The client pays Belvalor for its services by way of an asset management fee. In addition, the custodian bank charges a reduced service fee for account/securities management and settling transactions.

Belvalor’s asset
management fee

As remuneration for our wealth management services, Belvalor charges a fee calculated on the basis of an agreed percentage of the assets under management. Clients can choose a fixed fee or a combination of fixed and performance-based fee.

Custodian bank’s
service fee:

The custodian bank charges a reduced service fee for account/securities management and settling transactions. We have the market knowledge to assess the services of custodian banks impartially and negotiate attractive terms on your behalf. We benefit from established relationships with leading custodian banks with interesting pricing models for asset management clients. Depending on the custodian bank, clients may be able to opt for a flat fee without transaction costs.

Family Office Services

All our clients receive full individual guidance and support, with their own personal contact for all matters related to the management of their wealth.

We are there to assist with everything from long-term wealth planning and cash management to taking care of monitoring and administration on your behalf. When we develop and implement your strategy we focus on your target returns, the tax implications, and your personal needs and requirements. We also have the in-depth know-how and experience to help in areas such as legal affairs, real estate, and other financial matters.

Whatever your requirements, our in-house experts and external specialists will work to make sure your strategy is ideally tailored to meet them.